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I received my PG&E bill for service this past month & found an additional charge of $29.65 in addition to the $17.78 bill for PG&E. I was approached by an individual who represented himself as associated with PG&E about decreasing my monthly bill by signing up for a program being offered by PG&E. As it turns out PG&E does not endorse nor offer the said service. I now know ACCENT Power/IGS is the company the individual... Read more

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HELLO, THREE MONTHS AGO I ALLOWED MYSELF TO BE TALKED INTO SIGNING UP FOR THIS COMPANY'S GAS PROCUREMENT SERVICES BY A DOOR TO DOOR SALESWOMAN. Now I'm trying to find out WHY I actually need this extra fee on my PGE bill. When I called Accent, the person answering the phone could NOT answer my questions and fumbled around putting me on hold a lot. I hung up and am now calling PGE to get an explanation. I don't need this! I should have been... Read more

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First We have "two" NO SOLICITING" signs on my family members stair entry area and door. This *** from "Accent Energy" ignored them both and knocked. My family member is challenged. He was told if he did not sign his PG&E would be shut off and he would have no gas for his heater! He used intimidation tactics and scared him. He signed under duress. Nothing was explained and no paperwork was left. I called to complain and they refused to... Read more

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I signed a service agreement with Accent energy for natural gas service to my home. I was promised a fixed price rate - only 1 tier - of .699 cents per therm. I got my first bill from them and I'm still paying 2 tiers, one @1.10 cents per therm and the second tier @ 1.42 cents per therm. Add to that a gas delivery charge of $24.50 and a gas procurement charge of $26.03 and I just called them to quit service. The person one the phone was no help... Read more

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Salesman misrepresented the service offered/total cost. Neglected to mention that you still pay the PG&E charge for using their gas delivery system. This charge is built into PG&E's total cost--delivery system plus cost of gas. Essentially, PG&E buys gas at "market prices" which are lower than the .69/therm offered by accent gas (IGS). By the time you realize this with an increased bill amount from PG&E and cancel the accent... Read more

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IGS energy is a great company in California at least with fixed rates! People say scam but are just hating because they are *** and don't like people coming to there doors! GO IGSENERGY and accent keep doing what your doing those who like to save money in California will listen those who don't will continue to get ripped off by Pg&e! All these mean an rude people talk *** on what they don't want to listen to. It's not like all the other... Read more

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They use door to door sales. They show you a gas procurement fee and compare it to the PG&E bill rate that actually has a bundled rate of Procurement and Delivery fee. The comparison looks like a good deal, but they do not say and you do not realize that the Delivery will still be charged. After the switch, you are actually paying More money after their Procurement and PG&E's Delivery fees are combined. They intentionally mislead you... Read more

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I switched to a green service provider and from Accents website thought they were a good supplier. I was VERY wrong. Immediately after switching I saw my bill start to increase, even though I was using less and less power. Finally when my bill was consistently 10% higher than the average I called to cancel. They gave me the line about "signing a contract which would lower my rate" and I told them they had ripped me off long enough and that I... Read more

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Accent Energy called me. Gave me a great quote, fixed for 2 years at a set price, no extra fees except standard taxes, etc. Compared billing to Reliant Energy/Centerpoint Energy. It would be cheaper! This was Sept 2008. I suckered into it, first bill great, 2nd bill-great, 3rd bill (watch out)was $2,024.40 plus. Usage was $63.62. When I called, they stated the other charges were Monthly Base Charge set by Centerpoint Energy. It was not on the... Read more

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Accent Energy raised my price per kilowatt hour from 12 cents to 24 cents with no notice. When I got my bill in June, I was shocked to see that it was $500, but did not catch on that my rate had increased. I thought maybe I wasn’t being careful enough with my energy consumption. I closed off 4 rooms of my house, and set the thermostat to 81 degrees in the day and 78 degrees at night. This has not been comfortable. Having done that, I was... Read more

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